There are only a few sources in the world of prehistoric humus, which are rich in fulvic acid, trace minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, organic acids and antioxidants.

Life Elixir Fulvic Acid products are extracted from a pristine natural environment in the United States that is approximately between 28 and 34 million years old. The nature reserve consists of very diverse layers that date from the period when the North American continent was still forming. Many plants and life forms that grew there are now extinct.

The complexity of the source of Life Elixir Fulvic Acid products have been proven by third party laboratory analysis to have the highest percentage of fulvic acid in combination with over 70 trace minerals, elements, electrolytes, in addition to several additional organic and amino acids.

Life Elixir imports and distributes the best certified, most pure and concentrated fulvic acid products in the world.