Life Elixir Fulvic acid products are easily tolerated by the body. It promotes the absorption of nutrients and helps to remove heavy metals and other unwanted particles and compounds. Fulvic acids are known to bind minerals and deliver them through active transport to various tissues in the body.

Why Life Elixir Fulvic Acid?

Life Elixir Fulvic acid products contain the highest percentages of Fulvic acid according to the standardized Lamar AOAC Vol.97 test method, namely no less than 6.0% (note: not to be confused with other test methods, these are not comparable).

Life Elixir Fulvic Acid products are not diluted with water, so you can dose them very accurately.

Life Elixir Fulvic Acid products are 4x more concentrated than most other products on the market. This makes the use of our products more economical. It also allows us to use less packaging materials and fuel, which in turn benefits the environment!

Life Elixir imports and distributes the best certified, most pure and concentrated fulvic acid products in the world!